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Please see below a short description of just some of the tuition aides available at the Royal Golf Academy to help you improve all aspects of your game. For further information or to book your lesson using one of the aides below, please call the Royal Golf Academy on telephone +973 17 750777.


The best players in the world test their clubs on launch monitors to understand the optimum effect of the club on the ball. Details such as launch angle, ball spin and smash factor help them understand how to reach their peak performance.


VI is one of the most advanced golf analysis software programmes available. It is a versatile and ground-breaking video analysis software programme, providing in-depth assessment of a golfer’s swing through a variety of analytical tools.

VIP Tuition Suite

The Royal Gold Academy’s VIP Tuition Suite offers premium quality tuition in the best possible surroundings in association with TaylorMade. This private bay is fully equipped with the latest tuition aids, V1 video software, 42 inch LCD TV for instant playback, grass hitting area, drinks facilities and wall to wall colourful TaylorMade graphics to make your coaching experience as enjoyable as possible.