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Latest Handicaps

One of the exclusive benefits available to Royal Golf Club Members is our maintenance of your official handicap. Producing your up-to-date handicap certificate will ensure your acceptance to play at thousands of other golf courses around the world.

The handicap system operated in Bahrain is the WHS system which is managed by the Bahrain Golf Association.

Members can view their previous CONGU handicap by clicking here.
Members can view their current WHS handicap by logging in to howdidido.

How to obtain a handicap

In order to obtain an official handicap at the Royal Golf Club, a player must submit a required number of 18-hole scorecards played over a measured course (rated course) i.e. our Championship Course. A minimum of three 18-hole scorecards must be submitted. Each card must be marked and signed by a Member with an official handicap. The requisite cards should be submitted within a period of six months. In order for a scorecard to be used for handicap allotment, the player should, at check-in, declare their round in the golf shop and receive a special handicap card. Following completion of the round, the player will be required to return their scorecard to the golf shop.

This handicap is seen as a non competition handicap. A Member looking to maintain a competition handicap to participate in events will be required to compete in three qualifying events in a calendar year. Failure to do so could result in your entry into certain events being declined by the committee.

Casual Rounds

For your handicap to be a fair reflection of your playing ability, you should return as many qualifying competition scores as possible. A Member is allowed to return a casual round scorecard of 18 holes (no less) to count towards their handicap. As a club, we expect each and every round to be played in accordance to the rules of golf as this would give a true and honest reflection of your current playing ability.

Process to submit a casual round is as follows:

  1. Book a round of golf on any day at your preferred time
  2. Prior to teeing off, open the HowDidiDo app
  3. Search your last name to bring up your handicap profile
  4. Click on the link "Today's Golf: View competition in progress"
  5. Select the option to sign for an event
  6. Choose the general play round option, qualifying and which  tee you intend to play from
  7. On completion of your round, open the HowDidiDo app, click on "Today's Golf: View competition in progress"
  8. Select the score entry option and enter your gross score hole for hole.

Players who play frequently and do not return scores will be monitored and possibly have their handicap index withdrawn for a certain amount of time as per rule 7.1c in the rules of handicapping.

If you have any queries about your handicap or wish to report an away score, please contact our golf events team on