Royal Golf Club-Bahrain

Roll of Honour

Congratulations to the following golfers on achieving a hole in one at the Royal Golf Club:
Date Name Course Hole
08/01/16 Helmut Franek Montgomerie 2nd Hole
08/01/16 Sebastian Woodrow Wee Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
16/01/16 Daniel Owen Montgomerie 12th Hole
06/02/16 Carlo Virili Wee Monty - Mini Cup 1st Hole
10/02/16 Habiba Maher Wee Monty - Mini Cup 1st Hole
16/02/16 Mishal Al Atawi Wee Monty - Mini Cup 1st Hole
26/02/16 Hideki Kato Montgomerie 12th Hole
26/02/16 Mohamed Essa Najibi Wee Monty - Mini Cup 5th Hole
05/03/16 Jimmy Green Montgomerie 2nd Hole
01/05/16 Daij Khalifa Montgomerie 7th Hole
26/03/16 Marllise Bezuidenhout Wee Monty - Mini Cup 1st Hole
15/06/16 Sassan Sarkoob Montgomerie 16th Hole
24/06/16 Rajeev Gogia Wee Monty - Mini Cup 1st Hole
03/07/16 Nicholas Scerri Wee Monty - Mini Cup 6th Hole
15/07/16 Geoffrey Devlin Montgomerie 16th Hole
01/09/16 Syed Mohammad Ellia Montgomerie 12th Hole
02/09/16 Daisuke Umayabashi Montgomerie 12th Hole
23/09/16 Keith Watson Montgomerie 16th Hole
23/09/16 Khalid Al Omran Montgomerie 7th Hole
26/09/16 Farooq Ahmed Montgomerie 7th Hole
21/10/16 Ronan Smith Wee Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
01/11/16 Yaseen Le Falher Wee Monty - Mini Cup 5th Hole
19/11/16 Shaun Mills Wee Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
03/12/16 Yumiko Abe Montgomerie 2nd Hole
Date Name Course Hole
05/01/15 Dagfrid Berge Montgomerie 12th Hole
25/01/15 Sebastian Woodrow Montgomerie 12th Hole
12/02/15 Abdulrazak Al Mahmood Mini Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
12/02/15 Abdulrahman Al Amar Montgomerie 12th Hole
28/02/15 Jacob Urban Mini Monty - Mini Cup 9th Hole
04/03/15 Colin Drysdale Mini Monty - Mini Cup 5th Hole
16/03/15 Akshat Mittal Mini Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
17/04/15 Megumi Saito Montgomerie 12th Hole
21/04/15 Khaled Salem Al Aathem Montgomerie 12th Hole
13/05/15 Caroline T'Kint de Roodenbeke Montgomerie 7th Hole
16/05/15 Eid Adel Meftah Montgomerie 2nd Hole
28/05/15 Paddy McCaul Mini Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
05/07/15 Ollie Hunt Montgomerie 16th Hole
30/07/15 Laura Dubau Mini Monty - Mini Cup 1st Hole
15/08/15 Michael Alexander Mini Monty - Mini Cup 5th Hole
05/09/15 Kumar Krishnamoorthy Montgomerie 12th Hole
12/09/15 Imran Mohd Raji Montgomerie 7th Hole
23/09/15 Mohammed Al Fedhala Montgomerie 7th Hole
25/09/15 Akshat Mittal Mini Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
09/10/15 Mark Price Mini Monty - Mini Cup 1st Hole
26/11/15 A Ghani El Zein Montgomerie 2nd Hole
30/11/15 Saud Al Sharif Mini Monty - Mini Cup 7th Hole
30/11/15 Ahmed Bahar Montgomerie 7th Hole
18/12/15 Gerard Paty Montgomerie 2nd Hole
19/12/15 Fusao Yoshiba Montgomerie 7th Hole
Date Name Course Hole
08/01/14 Faris Brough Montgomerie 12th Hole
12/02/14 Omar Isa Al Rowaei Wee Monty 7th Hole
07/03/14 Taketoshi Shogenji Montgomerie 12th Hole
08/03/14 Tim Pounds Montgomerie 2nd Hole
21/03/14 Chris Woodrow Wee Monty 9th Hole
04/04/14 Ian Johnston Wee Monty 9th Hole
17/04/14 Ebrahim Esbai Wee Monty 1st Hole
19/04/14 Taimur Malik Wee Monty 6th Hole
02/05/14 Rob Lane Montgomerie 2nd Hole
09/05/14 Jim McKenzie Montgomerie 12th Hole
09/06/14 Wayne Giles Montgomerie 12th Hole
13/06/14 Sam Hobday Montgomerie 7th Hole
19/06/14 Simon Austin Montgomerie 2nd Hole
03/09/14 Gavin Campbell Montgomerie 7th Hole
26/11/14 Wanda Connor Mini Monty 7th Hole
24/12/14 Rhy Mannin Mini Monty 1st Hole
29/12/14 Barry Hobday Montgomerie 12th Hole
Date Name Course Hole
02/02/13 Jacques Nicholas Wee Monty 9th Hole
07/02/13 John Doherty Wee Monty 5th Hole
07/02/13 John McCrossan Montgomerie 16th Hole
09/02/13 Omar Isa Wee Monty 7th Hole
15/02/13 Chet Galpin Wee Monty 4th Hole
27/02/13 H.E. Iain Lindsay Wee Monty 6th Hole
05/03/13 John Doherty Wee Monty 2nd Hole
14/03/13 Bill Lindsay Montgomerie 2nd Hole
15/03/13 Nasser Yaqoob Montgomerie 7th Hole
28/03/13 Mike Schlinke Montgomerie 12th Hole
05/04/13 Charles Lyon Montgomerie 16th Hole
18/04/13 Tim Backhouse Wee Monty 3rd Hole
18/04/13 Joe Mulleague Wee Monty 7th Hole
20/04/13 Paul Carpenter Montgomerie 2nd Hole
25/04/13 Alexander Hopman-Ruh Wee Monty 4th Hole
03/05/13 Fares Mohammed Montgomerie 12 Hole
05/05/13 Gary Lindsay Wee Monty 2nd Hole
24/05/13 Kevin Ross Wee Monty 7th Hole
07/06/13 Karin Lutz Montgomerie 2nd Hole
28/06/13 Stan Kwik Montgomerie 7th Hole
16/07/13 Yoshi Yasui Montgomerie 7th Hole
29/08/13 David Wales Wee Monty 7th Hole
28/09/13 Sara Thompson Montgomerie 7th Hole
20/10/13 Faris Mohammed Wee Monty 7th Hole
29/11/13 Saber Barhoumi Montgomerie 2nd Hole
10/12/13 Yaseen Le Falher Wee Monty 7th Hole
16/12/13 Bryan Buchta Montgomerie 12th Hole
18/12/13 Jean Scerri Wee Monty 2nd Hole
22/12/13 Al Babtain Montgomerie 7th Hole
Date Name Course Hole
12/01/12 Madden Broadbent Montgomerie 7th Hole
24/01/12 Russell Mack Montgomerie 7th Hole
13/02/12 Donald McDonald Wee Monty 7th Hole
20/02/12 Andre Martel Montgomerie 7th Hole
23/02/12 Dave Sowards Montgomerie 2nd Hole
24/02/12 Robert Cameron Wee Monty 1st Hole
28/02/12 Antonio Karolis Wee Monty 7th Hole
23/03/12 Russell Mack Wee Monty 3rd Hole
28/03/12 Akio Kuno Montgomerie 2nd Hole
20/04/12 Sara Thompson Montgomerie 12th Hole
21/04/12 Deanna Ngo Montgomerie 7th Hole
01/05/12 Robert Addison Montgomerie 2nd Hole
26/05/12 Sami Al Khayer Wee Monty 9th Hole
22/06/12 John Boland Montgomerie 7th Hole
09/07/12 Abdulla Al Hakam Montgomerie 12th Hole
27/08/12 Sangil Eo Wee Monty 6th Hole
07/09/12 Darius Ngo Montgomerie 12th Hole
21/09/12 Marius Greyling Wee Monty 7th Hole
02/10/12 Harry Morten Wee Monty 4th Hole
07/10/12 Kiyokazu Tomoyoshi Montgomerie 7th Hole
31/10/12 Faris Brough Montgomerie 2nd Hole
22/12/12 Daniel Owen Montgomerie 12th Hole
Date Name Course Hole
14/01/11 Ahmed Bahar Montgomerie 7th Hole
23/01/11 John Reynolds Montgomerie 7th Hole
28/02/11 Isa Al Borshaid Montgomerie 12th Hole
14/05/11 Sassan Sarkoob Montgomerie 12th Hole
14/07/11 Nasser Yacoob Montgomerie 2nd Hole
02/08/11 Sultan Abdulla Wee Monty 8th Hole
05/08/11 Dena Wales Montgomerie 2nd Hole
05/08/11 Rowena Faerch Montgomerie 7th Hole
16/08/11 Ebrahim Esbai Wee Monty 1st Hole
18/08/11 Gino Gizzi Montgomerie 12th Hole
10/12/11 Stella Park Super Par 3 1st Hole
31/12/11 Karin Lutz Montgomerie 7th Hole
Date Name Course Hole
12/02/10 Anthony James Montgomerie 2nd Hole
12/02/10 Olive Wagstaff Montgomerie 7th Hole
16/02/10 Waleed Al Alawi Montgomerie 12th Hole
17/02/10 Elizabeth Gardner Montgomerie 12th Hole
21/02/10 David Isaacs Wee Monty 6th Hole
24/02/10 Todd Gillespie Montgomerie 7th Hole
03/03/10 Mike Dunlop Wee Monty 3rd Hole
19/03/10 Fahad Riyadh Wee Monty 7th Hole
26/03/10 Pamela De Vere Wee Monty 7th Hole
26/03/10 Bob Vincent Wee Monty 7th Hole
30/03/10 Hui Chin Kwak Montgomerie 12th Hole
02/05/10 Andrew Love Super Par 3 4th Hole
03/05/10 David Wales Montgomerie 12th Hole
13/05/10 Phil Gibbons Montgomerie 2nd Hole
31/05/10 Adrian Webber Wee Monty 8th Hole
25/06/10 Peter Wilson Montgomerie 16th Hole
01/07/10 Chris Milner Montgomerie 7th Hole
02/07/10 Duk Hyun Cho Montgomerie 12th Hole
03/08/10 Paul Beaumont Wee Monty 6th Hole
09/08/10 Murtuz Zamanly Montgomerie 12th Hole
09/09/10 Ilya Goniker Montgomerie 12th Hole
21/09/10 Nigel Brough Wee Monty 2nd Hole
04/10/10 Abdulla Ali Wee Monty 6th Hole
08/10/10 Rahul Srivastave Montgomerie 7th Hole
21/10/10 Sam Hobday Wee Monty 8th Hole
29/10/10 Liz Gardner Montgomerie 7th Hole
31/10/10 Patrick Mitchell Montgomerie 7th Hole
13/11/10 Robert Jones Wee Monty 8th Hole
15/11/10 Mike Schlinke Wee Monty 7th Hole
15/11/10 Deanna Ngo Wee Monty 9th Hole
19/11/10 Michael Spalding Wee Monty 9th Hole
20/11/10 Kevin Meenaghan Wee Monty 2nd Hole
01/12/10 Scott Lee Wee Monty 5th Hole
03/12/10 Aqdas Ahmed Montgomerie 16th Hole
22/12/10 Hilde Kwik Montgomerie 12th Hole
25/12/10 Stephen Blight Wee Monty 2nd Hole
Date Name Course Hole
14/11/08 Dena Wales Wee Monty 1st Hole
19/01/09 Dana Lilja Montgomerie 7th Hole
14/02/09 Todd Gillespie Montgomerie 12th Hole
14/02/09 Zoyeb Mohammed Montgomerie 2nd Hole
15/03/09 Steven Munro Montgomerie 2nd Hole
03/04/09 David Cantrell Montgomerie 7th Hole
15/04/09 Stella Mieun Park Montgomerie 7th Hole
17/05/09 Claus Hansen Wee Monty 9th Hole
27/06/09 Leslie Cranston Montgomerie 2nd Hole
31/07/09 Rob Lane Montgomerie 7th Hole
02/10/09 Keith U.C. Hope Montgomerie 2nd Hole
02/10/09 Nick Hudson Wee Monty 9th Hole
16/10/09 Scott Jennings Wee Monty 9th Hole
17/11/09 Angela Cranston Montgomerie 12th Hole
20/11/09 Anthony James Montgomerie 12th Hole
24/12/09 Sangrok Ro Montgomerie 2nd Hole

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