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Monthly Fitness Tip

Every month the Royal Country Club team of fitness trainers will share their tips for some great exercises that can be done at home or in the gym.

December Fitness Tip –  Warm Up!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and results in fitness also take time. Everything must be carefully planned and executed and you must stick with the plan!

To get results we need to train hard. To train hard we need to be strong. To be strong we push ourselves. And to achieve all that, we need to stay away from injuries.

The key element to avoiding injuries is to have a small warm up before starting any exercise. This allows you to get into the workout mentality, creating a focus for your needs. Warming up creates a safe platform for workouts and reduces the chances of injury. Added benefits are:

  • Increased heart rate enabling oxygen in the blood to travel with greater speed and at a higher volume

  • Increased production of synovial fluid located between the joints to reduce friction and improve the efficiency of the joints

  • Increased temperature in the muscles giving greater extensibility and elasticity of muscle fibres, increased force and speed of contraction and increased muscle metabolism

  • Supply of energy through the breakdown of glycogen

  • Increased speed of nerve impulse conduction

  • Removal of lactic acid

I advise everyone to have a small warm up before starting any exercise in order to achieve your fitness goals and enjoy your workouts.

Warm up before working out!

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