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March Report
Our main challenge in February was the weather, with unseasonably cold temperatures and heavy rainfall which caused the golf course to be closed for a time; the agronomy team is still repairing and cleaning up out of play areas which were damaged from the storm water. The heavy rainfall does however have a positive effect for the turf areas by naturally flushing out salts within the soil profile which releases nutrients and creates a greening up of the grass. The “adopt a green” campaign launched by our members has really started paying dividends with improved recovery from pitch marks seen across all putting surfaces. This has significantly reduced the agronomy team’s workload on this task and is enabling us to work instead on project and detail works.

During the month we were busy behind the scenes completing our irrigation pump and machinery servicing works. Despite the weather we have made good progress on our bunker renovation project with holes 11, 14, 16 and 17 completed by month’s end. All native grass pruning was completed across both courses during the month.

Looking ahead to March our main focus will be on encouraging the base Paspalum grass back to active growth and ensuring the winter grass does not block out sunlight to the summer grasses. We will also be concentrating on the bunker renovation project with works planned for holes 10, 12, 13, 15 and 18. Renovated bunkers will continue to be placed as GUR during works and for a couple of weeks after completion as we allow time for the new sand to compact. 

Other works to note in March are desert detailing and edging along with tree pruning on holes 5, 6 and 15. Towards the end of the month plans are in place to visually enhance some of our barren desert areas by adding more plants and palm trees. We will also be strongly focused on course presentation and attention to detail as we strive to present the course in prime condition.

Once again we thank you for your continuing support and trust you will continue to enjoy the course. 

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I hope you continue to enjoy the course.

William Evans
Director of Agronomy


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